Atelier Apprenticeship

In-Person Programs

“This is what the great artists of the past knew. But we’re bringing it back. We found it. We found the treasure.”

-Charles Miano

A Studio of Color and Light

Miano Academy’s primary mission is to provide a high level of artistic education in Realist drawing and painting at an affordable cost to artists.


Classes: Mon, Fri 9:30-4pm
Miano LIVE Online: Thurs,  2pm – 5pm EST
Open Studio: Wed 4-7pm

Hello Artists,

Welcome to Miano Academy of Art!

Our art academy was founded in 2007, in the sunny paradise of Sarasota, Florida. It was then fondly known as The Southern Atelier and became a workshop modeled after old master studios of antiquity. Here, artists can totally immerse themselves in the delights of studying the classical arts of drawing, painting and sculpture from nature.

Whether you are ready for the Master’s journey in the Apprenticeship, or you would like to peruse our online or master workshops, know that we are committed to excellence in art education and traditions of beauty that have their origins in the high art of history.

If you would like updates about future educational opportunities please sign up for our mailing list. Also, feel free to reach out to us with questions or comments. Our team is ready to assist you.

Thank you for visiting! May you find the deepest joy and contentment on the nourishing path of artistic growth. We hope you will make an appointment to come see us in person soon.

Warmest regards,

Charles Miano